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Therapy can be a powerful component of self-love and self-preservation. Working with a therapist can assist with integrating traumatic experiences so they are no longer holding us back from doing the important work we are here to do.

Combined with other tools, therapy can be a force for complex positive change. I envision therapeutic work as part of social and environmental justice, which naturally has a dynamic relationship with individual healing. 

I work with folks to complete and integrate trauma and move towards relieving chronic stress. This may be related to an acute trauma, secondary trauma, and the trauma of oppression. Signals such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and general feelings of stuckness, whether associated with a specific event or not, are a reality for many people. This work is about addressing these signals in an embodied way so you can move forward with more spaciousness and ease.

2207 NE 65th St #200

Seattle WA 98115

averyfishertherapy [at]

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