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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body based approach for working with the nervous system to restore regulation. SE is a therapeutic modality which is particularly supportive in addressing acute and ongoing traumas.

I specialize in working with folks to resolve trauma symptoms and relieve chronic stress from events such as accidents and assaults, as well as trauma which can come from working in helping professions or as activists. SE can also be used to work with the ongoing traumas of oppression. 

SE sessions can look many different ways. I work with you to figure out which approach resonates with you best. SE sessions can look like a traditional talk therapy session - we might spend most of our time talking about things that are coming up for you in your life. We may also spend some time tracking sensations, images, or emotions in the body and orienting to the external environment. This may feel more like a guided meditation, without a lot of specific memories. However we choose to work with SE, we are supporting the return of regulation in your nervous system and increasing your whole system's resilience.

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