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Ecotherapy is counseling which promotes reciprocal healing and growth nurtured by conscious interaction with the Earth. 

One way to combine somatic therapy with ecotherapy is to conduct therapy sessions outdoors. Meeting at my office and then going for a walk or meeting at a park are great options with this approach.

Somatic therapy is well-suited for nature based sessions for many reasons, including because being outside offers so many opportunities to orient to the external environment in the present moment - a foundational aspect of somatics. The act of sitting in a forest or tracking sensations while walking can assist with becoming more grounded in the body. Also discussing personal information is not necessary to benefit from somatic therapy so decreased privacy issues can be mitigated

Therapy sessions may begin in my office or on telehealth and eventually move outside or stay in the office or telehealth. Somatics can be done anywhere you feel most comfortable. 


For more info please check out The Alliance for Ecotherapy and Social Justice

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